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If you need help writing, editing your book, even a book cover more we can help you with that too just reach out us at Mail

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Book Marketing

We help you to market your book, build a dedicated readers audience and increase your engagement with your readers. Sell more books and book more events.



(Marketing First and Premier)

Maybe you need a publisher or need help to publish your book in print and in digital format. We have the experts and the knowledge to help you in your literary journey.



Sell more books online through your readers and connecting your books to all major online distributors.



E-Book Lovers Rejoice! Choose from various online stores and read digital copies of your favorite book. Hard to believe...well Believe...


AL (or AI) Algorithms

Our AI (some call him “Albert”) Algorithms recommend you the best books on the topics you care about with those exciting book details sent directly to You!



Connect with literary agents, publishers of all sizes and genres, editors, designers and more.

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    Authors & Soon To Be Authors

    If you want to write a book, get your book edited, published, or whatever you need...we have all the help you could ever want. If your book is complete whether you are a known author, first time writer, or in-between we will help your book to reach its audience.

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    Book Publishers

    We also work with established publishers to help them, even more, to successfully and efficiently merchandise, market and sell their books.

    We Are a Book Reader's “Dream Come True! ” You can discover new topics in all categories and genres of the written word. Virtually No Limit to What You Will Discover!

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Spirit Books is also your “Huge Money Saving...Buy Books For Less” unbelievable Super Discount Monster!

We are Your Super Deluxe researched discount book destination Go To...where we include prices from all the top online retailers like Amazon, Ebay etc. to help our happy book-loving users to find the best books at the best price from genres like Fiction, Classics, Children's, Literature, Religion ...and All the Rest!

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We are your One Stop...Book Published Dream-Makers:

We are your One Stop... Book Published Dream-Makers Just some of our Super Helpful Affordable Services for you that include...if


Got in idea for a book and want help writing it...we can help you with that.


Your book is started but you need help to finish it...we can help you with that.


Your book is finished but you want it to be professional so reviewers... readers...and others will love it...we have editors, developmental editors, and proofreaders to help you with that

Self Publish

Want to self-publish your book we can help you with that


Want Book Marketing... Distribution...or Publicity for your book...we can help you with that


Want to run contests, promotions, to promote your book...we can help you with that


What to showcase your book and build readership...we can help with that


Want to Market your book(s) and increase sales we can help with that


Want to Track Your Book Sales and Get Great Sales Statistics we can help with that


Want to connect with Literary Agents and Traditional Publishers...we can help you with that And...well you tell us...let's just say...we can help you with that too!

Our Pricing Plans.

Whether you have one book, or several books or you are a publisher looking to promote your books, we have a pricing plan that's sure to make you smile.


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